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Declaration of Mission

서울여자간호대학교의 사명입니다.

Declaration of Mission

우리대학은 열린 평생교육을 지향하며 대한민국 교육의 근본이념에 입각하여 인간 생명을 존중하고 전문적 지식과 실무 능력을 갖춘 간호사를 양성하여 국가발전에 기여하고자 한다.

Ethics Code

Seoul Women’s College of Nursing, based on founding philosophy, respects human life and trains professional nursing work force with on-site hands-on knowledge; it will eventually let us achieve our educational objectives of training competent health nursing work force required for national and local development, and carry social duty and obligation as an institution of higher education. Faculties, staff, and students of Seoul Women’s College of Nursing hereby establish moral integrity based on legal and ethical values, and enact, declare, and fulfill ethics code for each member.
Ethics Code for Professors
  1. 1. In order to realize founding philosophy of college and educational objectives, and to produce outstanding individuals, we
        pursue to grow into the best nursing college by carrying necessary responsibility and duty.
  2. 2. We educate, guide students, and research with our best efforts, and follow research ethics while performing researches.
  3. 3. We treat students respectfully and do not discriminate. We protect students’ freedom of study and idea, and be fair on
        student evaluation.
  4. 4. We follow various regulations of college, actively cooperate with academic administration, and give priority to responsibility
        within the school when considering external activity.
  5. 5. As a member of college community, we respect members’ personalities and values, aim to harmonize, and create healthy
        organization culture through communication and understanding.
Ethics Code for Students
  1. 1. In order to polish qualification as professional nurse, we strive to study in sincere and creative attitude.
  2. 2. We do not seek advantages in learning activity with unjustified method, and honestly take test and evaluation, following
        own conscience.
  3. 3. We save and treasure college facility, follow school regulations and rules, and keep cyber rules as a exemplary member
        of information age.
  4. 4. As a student, we respect professors and staff, behave with manners and dignity, and trust and respect each other.
  5. 5. We participate activities both inside and outside college, try to raise honor of college, and have attitude of consideration
        and service as a member of the society.
Ethics Code for Staff
  1. 1. We understand status and obligation of college, and contribute to development of college by fair and transparent task
        performance and ethical management.
  2. 2. As a professional in college administration, we polish new knowledge and continuously pursue self-improvement, in order
        to innovate task performance and secure professionalism.
  3. 3. We treat all users of college administration, including professors and students, in kind and serving manners, and quickly
        and sincerely process tasks.
  4. 4. We respect college’s honor and benefit, do not personally use information obtained while performing duties, and follows
        various regulations and norms of college.
  5. 5. We seek cooperation and harmony with members, and do our best to create fair and helping environment.