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Nursing Department

서간인이 추구하는 간호학에 대한 소개입니다.
서울여자간호대학교 나이팅게일 선서

Since its foundation (1954.5), the present college has opened and operated only one department, resulting in significant experiments with available equipment.
It has also transformed all systems into consumer-oriented systems, in order to maximize satisfaction.

Through an educational course of four years, which is systematic nursing education based on love for mankind and voluntary spirit, students have learned necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to maintain and improve optimum physical condition, prevent diseases, and promote rehabilitation. Furthermore, students are trained to be professional nurses with responsibility who can improve level of national health and contribute to enhancing national welfare.

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Careers after Graduation

  • - 9,202 graduates with college degree and 197 graduates with bachelor’s degree are actively working as professional medical
      personnel in domestic and international sites.
  • - School nurses at elementary, middle, and high schools
  • - Independent operation of Social Welfare Center, Senior Center, Postnatal Care Center, Child-care Institution, Midwife, etc.
  • - Teaching profession after completing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degree
  • - Employment in various countries in the world