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Ideology of Establishment

서울여자간호대학교의 교육이념입니다.
대학 설립이념:진실, 순결, 희생정신의 학훈 아래 능력있는 보건의료요원을 육성하여 민주 복지국가에 이바지 할 인재 양성을 목적으로 설립함


순결,진실,희생의 교훈 아래 능력 있는 보건의료요원 육성과 민주 본지국가에 이바지할 인재 양성

Educational Objectives

At Seoul Women’s College of Nursing, we aim to provide professional nursing education based on foundational ideas in Korean healthcare and train competent professional nurses who can contribute to national and local practices.

Figures of Talent

간호리더 전문인 Specialist
  • On-site hands-on knowledge based on work experience, creative thinking skills that exceed existing knowledge or common senses, and problem solving ability to quantifying the goals and recognize and improve problems.
열정적 도전 Challenger
  • Professional passion to work pleasantly
  • Challenge spirit to develop individual capability and achieve vision with challenge and innovation
  • Responsibility to carry out one’s duty
실천하는 행동인 DoeR
  • Life Respect – respect others’ lives as a nurse
  • Service Spirit – emphasize empathy and cooperation, and understand, care, and consideration of others
  • Communication Ability – delivers and interprets messages, communicates with others, and pursues cooperation and compromise