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University Vision

서울여자간호대학교의 비전입니다.


"GlobalLeader specializing in Health Care!"

Global Leader specializing in Health Care


We aim for lifelong educational excellence, based on principles of Korean education, training nurses who can contribute to national development.

Educational Objectives

01 Vocation
Train individuals as professional experts with top skills and ethical values.
02 Humanity
Train professionals who respect human life and practice caring.
03 Professionalism
Train outstanding professionals who are the best in the field of nursing.
04 Globalization
Train global work force with nursing knowledge and skills consistent with international standards.

Tasks for Development

Education/Practical-oriented - Students’ Ability Strengthening Program
학생역량강화프로그램 :핵심전략분야,핵심실행과제에 관한 표
Key strategic field Core tasks
Train SN Leader Construct a differentiated entrance system
Construct performance-oriented educational system
Strengthen student support
Develop and introduce SN Leader certification system
Consumer-Oriented Education Construct industrial cooperative system
Strengthen industry-education cooperation and discovery of research-
oriented projects
Global Standards Of Education Strengthen global capability
Specialization of College
Specialization of College - Specialization of College
신성장분야 전문인력 양성: 핵심 전략분야, 핵심 실행과제에 관한 표
Key strategic field Core tasks
Global Specialized Fields Propel research and projects focused on
Develop and operate educational courses for specialized fields
Expand internationalization program
Discover majors specialized for the college
Characterization Of
Expand source of profit for lifelong educational institute, and
Strengthen social education and volunteer platforms
College Management
College Management - College Administration System Efficiency
대학경영시스템의 효율화: 핵심 전략분야,핵심 실행과제에 관한 표
Key strategic field Core tasks
Strengthen Faculty Capabilities Support research to strengthen faculty capabilities
Strengthen faculty professional competency
Improve faculty administration and personnel system
Strengthen management of job competency
Improve welfare system for faculty
Efficiency Of College
Administration System
Expanded function of information system
Establish stable financial base for college
Construct development plan and performance management system
Strengthen college promotion
Strengthen operation of library and information management support
Construct campus infrastructure